The Low Country CD/DVD

Lina low country dvd coverPortion of this double disc is a 're imagined' working of the CD "Lightning in a Bottle" made a few years ago. It has everything the original CD had on it and more. Some tracks are remixed, redone entirely and/or newly vocaled! The DVD disc is more then the band and Lina expected and hoped for. A nine minute documentary on Lina and her amazing survivors spirit and music, and two full songs live from a concert at the Metropolitan Room in New York City filmed this past fall.

Since Koutrakos has always been a sell out New York City performer its wonderful to be able to buy and witness the reason why. This is a passionate and authentic performer who has finally been captured live!

With Jean Pierre Perreaux as producer, Nik Chinboukas (From the 1990's power trio 'Collision') engineers the sound on both discs. The band features both Gross and Perreaux along with Ted Stafford, Rob Simpson, Greg Pliska, Johnny Rodgers, Tony Lauria, Peter Di Bari and Mike Bereznik.

If forced to categorize, this CD is southern-rock based. Original material written by Koutrakos (herself a southern raised child) drummer and most-time witting partner Dan Gross (Georgia born and reared) Mark Hartman (North Carolina)  Johnny Rodgers (Florida) and J.P. Perreaux (South of Paris!) This is a great double disc with liner notes by Billboards Chuck Taylor.