Featured in Cabaret Scenes Magazine July-August 2020 By Editor: Peter Levy

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thumb Cabaret Scenes July August 2020

Tech director J-P Perreaux was having some fun with wiring. Not to worry. No audience members were hurt in the delivery of this wattage directed by Lennie Watts with major smarts and style and superbly tech-directed by the award-winning J-P for full dramatic effect, sound effects and all.
Rob Lester Oquote about Billie Roe's Tom Waits Show


Sound Designer JP Perreaux made sure the audience could hear the speakers, sounds, and band perfectly during the show.
Mike Spain ~ dcmetrotheaterarts.com


The Metropolitan Room rocked with Jean Pierre Perreaux's sound and lighting.
Elizabeth Ahlfors ~ Cabaret Scenes


J.P. Perreaux handled lights and sound with elegance
Barbara Leavy ~ Cabaret Scenes


J. P. Perreaux adeptly handled lights and sound. / Tech Director J. P. Perreaux provided moody and highly effective lighting.
Peter Leavy ~ Cabaret Scenes


Thanks to JP Perreaux and The Metropolitan Room for the outstanding engineering and venue for the live recording.
Terese Genecco


The Metropolitan’s J-P. Perreaux, who produced Terese’s CD recorded mpli.live at the club a year ago, provided exciting lights and sound, balanced for the band so much larger than what is customary.  One was never overwhelmed by the sound in close quarters, just overwhelmed the talent of all concerned – a Faye accompli.

The album sounds great, with the live cabaret audience experience really felt. Merci beaucoup for the skillful work of album producer Jean-Pierre (J-P) Perreaux, who has not just talent but a head start, as he is the sound technician at the Metropolitan Room, where the act was recorded, and is nominated for (another) MAC Award for his cabaret sounds and lights work.

Metropolitan Room, the pow of her act is enhanced by the lighting design and sound by this year's MAC winner, JP Perreaux who brings real flair and care to the proceedings.
Rob Lester ~ Cabaret Scenes


Thanks to producer/engineer Jean-Pierre Perreaux, it also fully captures the quality of a studio album and, like that Garland gem, makes for a memorable listening experience.
John Hoglund


J.P. Perreaux's sound was outstanding in its restraint.
Barbara and Scott Siegel